How to Dance at a Wedding: The Moves You Should Know

Dance wedding

Do you fancy a chicken and chips meal without sauce? That’d be bland, eh? Well, it’s the same as having a wedding party without a dance! Who would want that? That’s right, no one! You see, dancing is some sort of currency at a wedding party. Whether you are part of the happy couple, the […]

How to Preserve Wedding Dress: Finessing Yours and Keeping It as Good as New

preserve wedding dress

The year is 2069. Your beautiful granddaughter plans to say “I do” to the man of her dreams. As the family prepares for the wedding day, your usually cheery baby seems a little downcast. Upon probing her, you find that no bridal shop could get her the perfect wedding dress. The discussion takes you back […]

The Easiest Way to Play Happy Birthday on a Guitar

How to play happy birthday guitar

Happy Birthday is one of the most famous songs in the world. It’s a simple tune that can be played on just about any instrument, and it has universal appeal in almost every culture. That makes learning to play it on the guitar a great place for beginners to start, but what if you’re new […]