35 Hilarious Gifts for Your Favorite Teenager

Funny tenager gits

Giving funny gifts to teenagers can have an unexpectedly positive impact on them. If you’re wondering what fun gifts to get them for their birthday, Halloween, or graduation, say ‘hi’ to the best guide.

As for why you should get humorous gifts for teenagers, it’s simple. Humor is a great way to offer an olive branch, especially to a teen. Also, teenagers usually appreciate gifts that are not only fun, but also useful or practical, and funny gifts can be both!

Funny teenager gifts are excellent for fostering bonds and creating fond memories. So, if you’re interested in getting teenage boys or girls gifts they’ll love, this guide will walk you through many options to choose from.

35. Inflatable Pizza Pool Float

A giant slice of pizza is a great plaything that teenagers will love. It can be used as a float for day out at the pool.

34. WTF Am I Doing? Journal

This is a journal with humorous writing prompts that encourages self-reflection. Teenagers will find it fun because it’ll mostly be in their favorite buzzwords and slangs.

33. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

This is basically a tissue holder in the shape of a cat’s butt. How funny do you think they’ll find it? They’ll love it!

32. Farting Unicorn Coloring Book

A coloring book with pictures of unicorns that fart rainbows. This will be great for off screen times when they need to connect more with family and friends.

31. Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug

The Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug is a mug featuring a design inspired by the iconic Star Trek transporter. The design changes to reveal a transported crew member when hot liquid is added.

30. The Official BS Button

This is a button that says, “That was BS!” when pressed. It’ll save the teenager from saying it themselves.

29. Funky Socks

Teenagers usually like to give expression to their thoughts, ideals or perception of issues through their fashion choices. Funky socks with bold designs or patterns can be a great way for them to show off their personality with glee.

28. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco cat goat cheese pizza, fast-paced, easy-to-learn card game that is both hilarious and entertaining and would be teenagers.

27. Poop Emoji Pillow

A plush pillow in the shape of a poop emoji. How hilarious it would be when they first see it and subsequently use it as their sleep buddy!

26. Pimple Popping Toy

It is a satisfyingly gross and fun toy that simulates popping pimples. For teenagers who are growing and constantly dealing with pimples, this is not a bad funny gift for teenagers.

25. Rubber Snake Toy

This is best for teenagers who love to play around, prank others and have a good laugh. Other funny prank items include fake spider, fake tongue, fake poop, fake vomit, hand buzzer, and whoopee cushion.

24. Funny Coffee Mug

Memes are currently a big part of teenage culture, and there are many merchandise options that feature popular memes. Here’s a funny coffee mug that says ‘I’d agree with you, but then we’d be both wrong’.

23. Sleeping Beauty Merch

Is your teen a Disney fan? Pop culture is always a hit-with-no-miss with teenagers. You can consider gifting merch inspired by characters from their favorite TV show, movie, or band.

22. Doomlings Card Game

Doomlings card game is great for providing hours of entertainment for teenagers and their friends. Other board games you can consider include Monopoly, Gaming Battleship, and Exploding Kittens.

21. Shoot Your Shot

Does your teenager love reading? This book teaches great values with a humorous tone. It’s great for a birthday present or gifts for other occasions. Other amazon books in this category include hilarious jokes for teens, and life skills for teens.

20. Personalized T-shirt

Another great gift option for teens is personalized gifts. With these you can incorporate inside jokes or the teenager’s name to make them feel special and appreciated.

19. “Mug with a Hoop”

This is the perfect gift for the teen who loves tea or coffee and basketball, too.

18. “I Paused My Game to Be Here” T-Shirt

Teenagers will find it really amusing that you’d give them a t-shirt with such inscription. The best part is they will definitely wear it to hang out with friends.

17. “I’m Trying to Be Awesome Today but I’m Exhausted from Being So Freaking Awesome Yesterday” Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is the perfect gift item to give to a teenager who is struggling to navigate through schoolwork, family, and friends. You’re basically saying to them ‘if you’re feeling exhausted from being so awesome yesterday, grab this mug, pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea, and take a well-deserved break’.

16. “I survived another meeting that should have been an email” Mousepad

Even though the phrase “I survived another meeting that should have been an email” is popular among employees, a mousepad bearing it as a gift for a teenager will be favorably received by them.

15. “Sloth Sleeping Mask”

A sloth sleeping mask is a fun, cute and practical accessory that can help a teenager achieve a restful and rejuvenating sleep. The design features a cute sloth face with soft and plush fabric that feels comfortable against the skin. It is perfect for teenagers who love sloths or teenagers who want to add a touch of fun to their sleep routine.

14. “Be a Pineapple” Keychain

This keychain carries a text that says, ‘Be a Pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside’. It is great for the teenager to embrace their uniqueness, stay positive, and be confident in themselves. Whether you’re looking to give them material motivation or just a cute accessory, the “Be a Pineapple” keychain is the perfect gift.

13. Selfie Ring Light

For the selfie-loving teenage girl who is always taking pictures of themselves, you could almost never go wrong with this as a gift.

12. The “Try not to Laugh” Game

This game is a hit among teenagers. If you gift them this, they’ll be excited to show it off to their friends and invite them to play to see who’d laugh last.

11. “I’m not Short, I’m Fun-sized” T-shirt

For a teenager who is not as tall as everyone else, things can get troublesome at school as they could be picked on. This t-shirt is a humorous way to let them know their height is just fine.

10. “Sarcasm is My Love Language” Pillow

Teenagers love sarcasm, especially if they’re going through a tough time. You can consider giving them a pillow with this inscription which will help them hilariously warn others to take note.

9. Emergency Underpants

Emergency underpants are disposable underwear designed to be used in emergency situations. It usually marketed as a humorous gag gift or novelty item, but they can also be useful in real emergency situations. It is the perfect gift for the teenage boy who likes to be prepared at all times.

8. “What do You Meme” Game

This is a game where you match the funniest caption to a photo to make a meme. Consider gifting your teenagers this and it might just become their new favorite pastime.

7. Cactus Pencil Holder

A cactus pencil holder is a fun and unique piece a teenager can add to their home or dorm room desk. It is functional for holding their pencils, pens and painting brushes, keeping things organized. It’s also great for adding style to their desk.

6. “TOPTOY LED” Gloves

These are perfect birthday gifts for teenagers. You should consider getting them a few for them and their friends. It’ll add an extra touch of energy to the party.

5. “Grumpy Cat” Plush Toy

The Grumpy Cat was a favorite internet meme that captured the hearts of millions with her sour expression and hilarious captions. Teenagers love to get things that are popular, so this will be a hit with them.

4. “Fidget Spinner” Pen

This is a thoughtful gift for a teenager who is nervous about something. Not only is it functional for writing, but it also has the part where they can spin in order to calm their nerves when they’re feeling fidgety.

3. “Funny Desk Plate for Boss”

This gift will be great as a self-worth boost for teenagers so they can place on their home or dorm room desk. You just need to buy them one with a hilarious text inscribed on it. The text should be something you’d want to tell them.

2. “Bathroom Guest Book”

This will be a fun and quirky addition to the teenager’s bathroom. It’s a small journal or notebook that guests can write in while they’re using the toilet. It’ll be a fun way to keep the user busy as well as keep track of those who have used their toilet.

1. Hangry Kit

The “Hangry Kit” is a great gift for teenagers who are prone to hunger-induced anger and is designed to satisfy hunger and prevent “hangry” outbursts. It includes a collection of sweet and savory snacks, such as cookies, candy, chips, and nuts.

Other Funny Gifts Ideas for Teenagers

Teenagers tend to have a mind of their own towards life. That’s how they approach everything else. So, if you want to give them unique gifts they’ll love and appreciate for a long time, pay attention to their ideas, interests, hobbies or ambitions and you’ll be able to find something that can serve as a guide.

Here are other gift ideas that your favorite teenager will admire:

Personalized Gifts

This is top on the list of great gifts because if you can’t figure out exactly what they’ll love to have, you can just give them something with their name, picture, or quote from their favorite TV show. This lets them know that you specifically had them in mind when you were getting that gift.


A lot of teen boys and girls love being expressive but due to various personal, family or peer group issues, some of them may not be able to get as expressive as they’d like. A journal can be a great gift to make up for that. They’ll love to be able to express their thoughts, how they feel about their schools, aspirations, or life generally.

Meme-inspired Merchandise

You’ll almost never go wrong with this. Many teenagers will surely love to have something with their favorite meme that went viral two months ago inscribed on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some funny gift ideas for teenagers?

Buying gifts for teenagers can be somewhat tricky, as they often have very specific tastes and interests. Here are some funny gift ideas for teens that you should consider: a meme-themed t-shirt or mug, a quirky phone case, a funky pair of socks, a prank kit and a funny/witty book or board game.

How do you choose a funny gift for a teenager?

Some effective tips for getting a teenager the right funny gifts are: take their sense of humor into consideration, look out for pop culture references, think outside the box, and avoid all kinds of stuff that might be offensive or misunderstood. Also, choose something that is useful or practical.

What are some popular humorous gifts for teens?

Humorous gifts for teens should be light-hearted, fun, and appropriate for their age group. Some examples of such gifts that are popular among teenagers include funky socks, meme merchandise, funny phone cases, prank gifts, comical books and games.

Can funny gifts for teenagers also be practical?

Absolutely! It could be a funny coffee mug that comes with a built-in phone charger. Or, it could be a humorous desk organizer that also helps them keep their school supplies organized. It could also be a t-shirt or cap with quotes from their favorite movies on it. Merging humor and practicality into gifts for teens can make it become their favorite item in no time.

How can I make sure my hilarious gift is appropriate for the teenager I’m giving it to?

It’s important to know the personality and sense of humor of the teenager you’re buying the gift for before picking a gift. If you’re not sure, you can always ask their family members or friends for ideas.

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