Best Makeup Tips for Your Next Big Event

How to apply makeup for special occasion

In this time and age, you can steal the show like Cinderella did, look powerful like Maleficient, or be both with the right makeup tips for your event. In this post, we will be your makeup artist fairy by showing you a makeup routine that will help your makeup last longer.

How To Apply Makeup for Special Occasions

There are a zillion ways to apply makeup, and it often depends on the event you’re attending. For example, if you’re going to a wedding party, you may want a more natural look with less foundation and powder or a sophisticated flawless makeup look.

On the other hand, if you’re going to a formal dance, go for a matte finish, using non-glossy foundation and lip products. It’s important to figure out what kind of look you want before applying to avoid wasting time and product.

No matter what, the following tips will come in handy when it comes to applying makeup for your special occasions:

1: Start With a Clean Face

Starting with a clean face when applying makeup is cliche advice and an important one. Otherwise, your makeup will look cakey rather than sophisticated and only last for a while.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and remove any excess oil before applying makeup. Doing this will help your makeup go on smoothly and give you a more polished look.

2: Use Primer

Primer is necessary if you want your makeup to last all day or night. It prevents skin breakout by creating a barrier between your skin and makeup, and it helps your makeup blend more evenly. So apply primer to your entire face before applying the other makeup products.

3: Use the Right Products

When it comes to special occasion makeup, it’s important to use the right products. You want to ensure you’re using a product that is compatible with your skin tone, products that don’t contain ingredients you are allergic to, and a product you can blend.

You can purchase these products from one of the cosmetic brands best known for their quality product. Examples of these brands are Rare Beauty and Nuban Beauty.

We also recommend using waterproof mascara (e.g. Diorshow waterproof mascara) and eyeliner (e.g. Nuban Waterproof pen eyeliner) to keep your makeup all day. And finally, remember to set your makeup with a setting powder or spray so it lasts all day.

Our best makeup routine and products to use for special occasions are:

Foundation: A blendable foundation formula is essential for a flawless look. Choose a foundation formula that you can blend, matches your skin type and provides medium to full coverage.

Concealer: A concealer is key for hiding facial imperfections and highlighting good facial skin. To hide your facial imperfections, use a darker shade of concealer. If you rather highlight, choose a shade lighter than your skin tone.

The rule of thumb is to use the darker shade around the edges of your forehead, the corner of your nose bridge, the hollow of your cheeks and jaw. The rule of thumb for highlighting is to apply the lighter shade under your eyes, your forehead, and the bridge of your nose.

However, we suggest you use this makeup video to apply concealer based on the shape of your face.

Blush: A light application of blush will give you a natural-looking glow. Choose a pink or peach shade that compliments your natural skin tone.

Eyeshadow: When it comes to eyeshadow, we advise you to keep it simple because although it takes a smaller portion of your face, it is the first thing people will notice since it is close to your eyes.

If you want a simple and kind look, choose a neutral shade like brown that will complement your outfit and eye color. If you prefer a bold look, build your eye makeup with a neutral shade before adding a dark eyeshadow to pull your outfit and makeup together.

Eyeliner: A thin line of eyeliner will define your eyes and make them look brighter. Choose a black or brown shade that matches your hair color.

Mascara: Mascara is essential for adding volume and length to your lashes. Choose a black shade that complements your eye color. Assuming your natural lashes are scanty, apply false eyelashes.

You may apply the false eyelashes on your lower and upper lashes, but applying these faux lashes on only your upper eyelashes is best. This way, it looks more natural and mature.

Lipstick: Never attend an event without applying your lip products. You can keep it simple by using a colorless lip gloss or take it up a notch by using a shade of lipstick before going over with a colorless lip gloss.

If you are going for a matte a using a colorless lip gloss or take it up a notch by using a shade of lipstick, use non-glossy lip products. In this case, using a lip liner will make your lips look more charming.

All you need to do is; line your lips before applying any shade of lipstick. For a glossy-matte look, apply your lip liner and go over it with a colored lip gloss.

4: Set Your Makeup

Once you’ve applied your foundation, powder, blush, and eye makeup, it’s important to use a setting powder or spray. A quality setting powder will help your makeup last longer and prevent it from smearing or creasing. Be sure to apply the setting spray or powder evenly over your to keep everything in place.

5: Take Your Time

When applying makeup, take your time; it will save you from walking around with a streaky or cakey face. Start with your primer, then move on to your Foundation, Concealer, eye makeup, Powder, Bronzer, Blush, and Highlighter. Finish with a few coats of mascara and lip gloss.z

6: Highlight Your Best Features

When you’re putting on your makeup, be sure to highlight your best features. For example, if you want to show off your beautiful eyes, use dark eyeliner and mascara to make them pop. But if you have full lips, line them before adding color that appreciates your skin tone.

Then lastly, if you have great skin, use quality facial primers, makeup brushes, and makeup products to care for it. Focusing on your these tips will help your makeup look flawless and better.

General Facts About the Makeups You Apply for Special Occasions

Makeups are cosmetics products that enhance or change the appearance of the face. Professional makeup artists often advice intrested users to apply these cosmetics products with a brush, sponge, or fingers.

There are many different types of makeup, including foundation, powder, blush, Primer, bronzer, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Foundation is typically applied after Primer to even out the skin tone and create a base for the other products. Other facts includes the following:

  • The setting powder products can set the foundation and keep it from smearing
  • The blush products add life to the cheekbones
  • The bronzer products gives the face definition and a sun-kissed look
  • Eye shadow is applied to the eyelids to add depth and dimensions to the eyes
  • Mascara is for adding length and volume to the natural lashes
  • Eyeliner is used to define the eyes you can apply it in various ways
  • Lipstick is applied to the lips to add color and a tinge of sexiness

Why Apply Makeup for Special Occasions?

There are many reasons why people use makeup. Some people use it to cover up blemishes or enhance their unique feature, while others use it to stand out. You can also use makeup to match/pull your outfits and jewelry together.

Whatever the reason, makeup can be a great way to express yourself and your style. Makeup can also be used to change the appearance of the face, such as making the eyes look bigger or the cheekbones more pronounced.

Drawbacks of Using Makeup

  • Applying makeup can be time-consuming.
  • Wearing makeup can feel like a lot of work.
  • Removing makeup can be difficult, especially if you wear waterproof products.
  • Some people are allergic to certain ingredients in makeup, such as fragrances or preservatives.

As you can see, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using makeup. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to wear makeup is a personal one. If you enjoy being recognized for your good looks during special occasions, then there’s no reason not to continue doing so. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Makeup for Special Occasions

Applying Too Much Foundation and Powder

This can make your face look cakey and overdone. Instead, focus on evening out your skin tone with a light layer of foundation and setting your makeup with a translucent powder.

Not Blending Your Eyeshadow

Be sure to take the time to blend your eyeshadow so that there are no harsh lines. Use a fluffy brush to blend the shadow into your crease and up toward your brow bone.

Wearing Too Much Lipstick

It’s important to keep your lips looking natural for a special event. Stick to a shade of nude or pink that gives you that subtle feminine energy. If you’re feeling bold, you can always use bold-colored lipstick for some attitude.

Forgetting To Set Your Makeup

Setting your makeup is key to making it last all night long. Use a setting powder or spray to keep your face fresh and matte.

Using the Wrong Products for Your Skin Type

Use the right foundation, concealer, powder, and setting spray for your skin type. It is best to use mattifying and oil-free products if you have oily skin. However, if you have dry skin, look for hydrating products that won’t accentuate any dry patches.

By avoiding these common mistakes, your makeup will look flawless all day and night. So go ahead and experiment with different products and have fun with your makeup!

Frequently asked questions on Best Makeup Tips for Your Next Big Event

How Do I Make My Makeup Last All Day?

Use a setting powder or spray to make your makeup last all day. This will help to keep your face looking fresh and matte. You can also apply a primer before your foundation to help your makeup stay in place all day.

What Is the Best Way To Apply Eyeshadow?

The best way to apply eyeshadow is to use your primer as a base for your foundation. This will help the shadow to go on smoothly and prevent it from creasing throughout the day. Use a fluffy brush to blend the shadow into your crease and up toward your brow bone.

How Can I Apply Makeup on an Oily Skin?

If you have oily skin, be sure to use a mattifying primer and foundation. You also blot your face with a tissue throughout the day to remove excess oil. Be sure to use a setting powder or spray to keep your makeup in place all day long.

How Do I Prevent My Makeup From Creasing?

If your makeup is creasing, hydrate and be careful with setting your makeup. If you are too harsh with applying or dusting off, you will have makeup creases, so watch it. 

How Can I Apply Makeup on Dry Skin?

If you have dry skin, use a hydrating primer and foundation. You can also apply a setting powder or spray to help your makeup stay in place all day. Be sure to avoid any products that might accentuate dry patches.

What Is the Best Way To Apply Foundation?

When applying foundation, be sure to use a brush or sponge. This will help ensure the product is evenly distributed on your face. Start by applying the foundation to your T-zone, then work outwards. Also, blend well so that there are no streaks or lines.

How Do I Make My Eyes Pop?

To make your eyes pop, use dark eyeliner and mascara. You can also experiment with different eyeshadow shades and colors. Try using a bright eyeshadow on your lid and a darker shade in your crease. Be sure to blend well so that there are no harsh lines.

What Can I Do To Fix My Dry Lips?

If your lips are dry, use a lip primer that can moisturize your lips and act as a base for your lip products. You can also try using a lip balm, which will hydrate your lips and minimize the appearance of any dryness.

Final Thoughts

Take it from us; Cinderella must have had one of the best face beats on that night. The right makeup enhances your natural features, gives you confidence and a flawless, polished look. Everything the fairy godmother did!

So wear some makeup if you want to take quality photos and make a statement at your next event.

We hope these tips have helped you learn how to apply makeup for special occasions. Remember to choose quality products and use a primer for a long-lasting, flawless look. And most importantly, have fun!

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