30 Outstanding Gift Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary

50th wedding anniversary

Truth is, not every couple makes it to 50 years of marriage! So, if you’ve been together for that long or you know a couple who have, a special gift will make the celebration complete. Something unique and thoughtful, whether simple or elaborate but fitting to your partner’s or the couple’s personality or needs is the best gift-giving route to have them feeling loved. 

An important aspect of celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary is choosing the right gift. When selecting a gift for this occasion, it’s essential to pay attention to the theme of the anniversary: gold. This precious metal represents the durability, strength, and preciousness of the couple’s love, and thus, the perfect symbol to commemorate 50 years of marriage.

It is important to note that these gifts shouldn’t be about how much, but how unique you make them. So, if you want to get the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gifts to mark this milestone, you’ll find great ideas here.

30.  Ornament Made with Genuine Crystals

This is a Matashi 24K Gold Plated Anniversary Double Heart Table-top Ornament made with genuine crystals for display. The perfect gift for your wife, mother, father, or any dear person celebrating the special occasion of a 50th wedding anniversary.

29. Anniversary Sundial Gift

A sundial is a unique and timeless gift that can serve as the perfect golden anniversary gift. It represents the passage of time and serves as a beautiful reminder of their special day. With a customized inscription, the sundial is a sentimental and memorable gift that will be appreciated for a long time.

28. 50th Anniversary Blanket Gifts

This might be basic, but it’s thoughtful and the perfect gift if you’re on a tight budget. The best thing you can do is to get one made of really good fabrics, nice inscriptions, and colors the couple loves to celebrate the special day.

27. Amazon.com Gift Card in a Premium Gift Box

The Amazon gift card as a 50th wedding anniversary gift is a master stroke. Not only do you ensure that you give them something, but you also prevent any possibility of them not liking what you get them.

26. LESEN Quartz Table Clock Gift

A LESEN 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Quartz Table Clock is such a good gift idea for someone celebrating their golden anniversary. You can have it customized to come with the number of years, months, and days you or the couple has spent together.

25. Sieral 2-Piece Wine Tumbler

This set of glasses is perfect for a partner or couple who likes wine tasting or just loves fluids. This can be customized and sent with a plaque that can serve as a keepsake – a perfect golden anniversary gift.

24. Golden Anniversary Memory Jar

This is a special jar that the couple can fill with memories from their fifty years of love and commitment to each other.

23. Hanging Ceramic Ornament

This is a simple and thoughtful gift idea to give to someone celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. It’s a unique piece that can come with different inscriptions and can be hung on the wall.

22. Urllinz Gold-plated Porcelain Plate with Stand

This 50th wedding anniversary plate with a stand comes with customizable words and an elegant floral design. It is great as a memorable gift and a unique decoration with which to celebrate your relationship.

21. Framed Burlap Keepsake

This gift for someone celebrating their anniversary is budget-friendly, unique, and great as a keepsake. You can have some kind and emotional words that reflect your relationship with them printed on it.

20. Golden Anniversary Memory Book

A golden anniversary memory book is great as a keepsake for the couple to fill with their memories, photos, and messages from loved ones.

19. MAXSPT 24K Golden Rose

A gold-dipped rose made from a real rose with a stand is a great gift idea for someone who loves flowers. This, instead of just flowers, is a better keepsake option because it’ll last longer than regular flowers.

18. Moon Lamp for Living Room

This is a decorative, full moon night light that can be kept in the living room or bedroom and will be perfect as a golden anniversary gift. It’s unique, beautiful, and practical as well as thoughtful.

17. Personalized Anniversary Photo Album

A customized photo album is perfect for a partner or couple who is big on having the best time and making lifetime memories. The recipient will find this lovely and can use it for keeping pictures of their favorite people and moments.

16. Ceramic Jewelry Tray

This is not only practical but stylish and elegant, too. You can have it customized with the recipient’s name or initials. These are useful for keeping everyday jewelry such as rings, trinkets, necklaces, and earrings.

15. OLANLY Luxury Bathroom Rug Mat

This is originally a great gift idea and even more unique for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The truth is they’re not getting young; hence their bathroom needs this to prevent them from slipping and getting hurt.

14. Romantic Couple Figurines in Love

A figurine depicting a couple in love is such a great and memorable, 50th wedding anniversary gift to give. It rightly captures the couple celebrating their love because it is how they’re able to stick together that long.

13. Golden Anniversary Champagne Flutes

This is a set of champagne flutes with a golden finish. It is the perfect golden anniversary gift for toasting 50 years of love of the recipients.

12. Golden Anniversary Picture Frame

A picture frame with 50th-anniversary designs and a golden finish is perfect for a desk or mantle. It is simple and practical and will constantly remind them of their love milestone.

11. Golden Anniversary Wall Cross

This is a decorative cross with a golden finish and “50th Anniversary” inscribed on it. It is the perfect golden anniversary gift for a religious couple.

10. Personalized Golden Anniversary Cutting Board

This cutting board can be customized with the couple’s names and the date of their wedding. It is a perfect gift with which they can cook together.

9. Golden Anniversary Keepsake Box

This keepsake box with a golden finish and “50th Anniversary” written on it is a great 50th wedding anniversary gift. It is perfect for keeping special memories and looking through them to reminisce.

8. Personalized Tree Canvas

A customized canvas designed with a tree and the recipient’s names and the date of their wedding is a great golden anniversary gift. It is perfect for wall decoration.

7. 50th Anniversary Jewelry

A piece of gold jewelry will always be a great gift idea for whatever occasion you want to give it. You should consider paying attention to the recipient’s likes, interests, and preferences to make your decision.

6. Lemon Sherbet® Wedding Guest Book and Pen Set

This is a good gift idea if a couple is having their 50th wedding anniversary party. The guest book and pen are basically for every guest attending their party to register their presence by writing their names. It’ll help them remember everyone who came to wish them well for a long time.

5. 50th Anniversary Tea Set

When you think of getting your partner or a couple gifts for their golden wedding anniversary, this is the right gift. It gets better if they’re tea lovers.

4. Personalized Serving Tray

This tray is beautiful, elegant, and practical. The couple will love it as it’s great for eating together, especially if they love cooking and eating.

3. Qunclay Wedding Anniversary Keepsake

This is a simple, budget-friendly item that can work as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. All you have to do is have it customized with details that match the couple or partner you’re giving it to.

2. Dish Drying Rack with Wine Glass Holder

A dish drying rack with a wine holder is a multifunctional stainless steel utensil holder and will be considered a unique addition to the kitchen. It is a great golden wedding anniversary gift.

1. Gold-plated Ornament

A gold-plated ornament with “50 Years Together”, the couple’s wedding date, and initials inscribed on it, with room for a photo of the couple is a perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift idea.

Latest Trends and Inspiration for 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts 

If a couple makes it as far as 50 years together, they deserve all the celebration, warm-hearted wishes, and unique, thoughtful gifts they can get. A 50th wedding anniversary is no mean feat after all.

Here are latest gift giving trends and creative ideas to further assist you in getting the perfect gift:

Personalized Gifts

You will never go wrong with personalized gifts! However, don’t just grab random items, slam the recipient’s name, pictures, or initials and think you’ve achieved something. Put a lot of thought into it. Carefully pick out the items and prepare them for gifting.

Some items that can be customized include personalized gold jewelry, personalized serving tray, and figurines.

Experience Gifts

If the couple is a fun-loving one who loves to see new places and enjoys exploring culture, food, and more, you should arrange a trip to a location they love. You can also pay for a class for cake baking, painting, or sculpting for them.

Tech Gifts

A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary means they’ve been around for a long time and they’re aging. One of the best things you can give them is cool tech gadgets that can help make their lives hassle-free. It could be a mini vacuum cleaner, handheld blender, and diffuser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Perfect 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

There is no special collection of the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift, what matters is that the recipients find value in the gift. You can gather the necessary information about the recipients and explore several options to find the best gifts. It could be a modern gift or handmade. Consider their character, preferences, and interests.

Can I Give a Gift Card as a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

Of course! This is the perfect gift if you don’t know what to get them or what they’d like. A gift card to a restaurant, store, or spa store that the couple enjoys is a thoughtful and practical gift. You can also gift them an Amazon gift card with which they can shop for exactly what they like.

Is it Appropriate to Give Money as a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

It all depends on the couple and your relationship with them. Money could be a generous and useful gift for some people, while others may prefer something more sentimental. You need to figure this out based on the personality of the recipient, especially if they’re your parents.

How Much Should I Spend on a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

There is no standard or predetermined amount for how much you should spend on a 50th wedding anniversary gift. It solely depends on your personal relationship with the couple and your budget for the gift. 

Can I Make a DIY Gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary?

Yes, you can! A handmade gift, such as a painting, sculpting, or scrapbook, can be a thoughtful and unique way to celebrate the couple’s milestone. Also, it is a very budget-friendly option.

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