10 Places to Use Amazon Gift Cards Apart from Amazon

where can i use amazon gift card besides amazon

Discover the incredible versatility of Amazon gift cards, opening doors to a world beyond online shopping. While Amazon offers an extensive range of products, these gift cards hold value beyond the website’s borders. Explore unexpected avenues where Amazon gift cards can add convenience and enrich your experiences.

Whether it’s indulging in a meal at a favorite restaurant, stocking up on groceries, or enjoying a night out at the movies, these gift cards provide flexibility in today’s diverse retail landscape. Allowing Amazon gift cards to play a central role in enhancing your daily life in ways you might not have imagined.

Different Ways to Use Your Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are incredibly versatile, offering a range of uses beyond traditional online shopping:

  • Retail Purchases: Use them to buy various products available on Amazon, from electronics to clothing.
  • Groceries: Redeem at Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market for your grocery needs.
  • Dining Out: Enjoy meals at restaurants affiliated with Amazon, expanding your dining choices.
  • Entertainment: Purchase books, movies, music, or video games from Amazon’s extensive media library.
  • Streaming Services: Use for subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video or other streaming platforms available on Amazon.
  • Gas Stations: Some gas stations accept Amazon gift cards as a form of payment for fuel.
  • Online Shopping: Explore other online retailers that accept Amazon gift cards as payment.
  • Subscription Services: Pay for various subscriptions like magazines, eBooks, or other digital content.
  • Charitable Donations: Contribute to charities and nonprofits through platforms that accept Amazon gift cards.
  • Gift Giving: Share the flexibility by gifting Amazon cards to friends and family for their diverse needs.

Places to Use Amazon Gift Cards Apart from Amazon

While Amazon reigns supreme in online shopping, your trusty gift card can unlock more than just endless aisles of products. Here are 10 unexpected places to spend your Amazon gift card, expanding your options and maximizing its value

1. Whole Foods Market

Trade in your plastic for fresh, healthy groceries at Whole Foods using your Amazon gift card. Load up on colorful fruits, organic veggies, and sustainable meats and dairy to fill your shopping cart with goodness.

2. Zappos

Boost your shoe game or snag trendy accessories at Zappos with your Amazon gift card. From stylish sneakers to comfy sandals, find footwear for any occasion and spice up your outfits effortlessly.

3. AMC Theatres

Catch the latest movies or revisit classics at AMC Theatres using your Amazon gift card. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy a cinematic escape, all powered by the magic of your gift card.

4. Xbox Live & PlayStation Store

Enhance your gaming adventures with your Amazon gift card on Xbox Live or PlayStation Store. Download new games, expansions, and in-game goodies, immersing yourself in exciting virtual worlds.

5. Hotels.com

Plan your next getaway with your Amazon gift card on Hotels.com. Book a luxurious staycation, explore a new city, or relax on a beach retreat, all made possible by your handy gift card.

6. Google Play Store

Expand your Android phone’s potential with your Amazon gift card on the Google Play Store. Download apps, games, ebooks, and movies, keeping yourself entertained and productive on the go.

7. Audible

Dive into captivating audiobooks with your Amazon gift card on Audible. Listen to bestsellers, biographies, and educational titles while commuting, working out, or unwinding – all with the power of your gift card.

8. Charity through AmazonSmile

Put your gift card to good use and support a worthy cause through AmazonSmile. Choose your favorite charity from a vast selection, and a portion of your Amazon purchases will be donated, making a difference with every swipe.

9. Gift Subscriptions & Experiences

Surprise loved ones with a curated gift box or unique experience using your Amazon gift card. From gourmet coffee subscriptions to cooking classes or spa days, the possibilities are endless and sure to delight.

10. Send Digital Gift Cards

Share the gift of choice with your Amazon gift card. Send digital gift cards directly to friends and family via email or text message, letting them choose their own adventure.


Amazon gift cards can be used at various places beyond just Amazon. Whether it’s treating yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant, purchasing groceries at a local store, or buying clothes at a department store, the flexibility of Amazon gift cards makes them a versatile and convenient option. Additionally, they can be used for entertainment, such as buying movie tickets or downloading e-books.

Furthermore, you can use them for everyday essentials at pharmacies or for home improvement items at hardware stores. With so many options, Amazon gift cards offer a wide range of possibilities for making purchases, making them a practical and valuable gift for any occasion.

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