12 Best Friend Moving Away Gifts: The Ultimate Guide

best friend moving away

We all know that when a friend moves away, it can be tough. Not only are you losing a friend, but you’re also losing your support system. This can be especially difficult if your friend moves far away or to another country. However, the right gift can make their transition a little easier. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best gift ideas for a friend who is moving away. Whether your friend is moving across town or the country, we have something for them. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Review of Top Picks

Willow Tree Friendship Sculpted Keepsake Box

When a best friend moves away, it can feel like a piece of your heart goes with them. The Willow Tree Friendship Sculpted Keepsake Box is the perfect way to let your best friend know that you’ll always be there for them, no matter how far away they are. 

This beautiful box is hand-painted and features two figures sitting facing each other. The sentiment “Forever true, forever friends” is written inside the box, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift. 

The hidden message of friendship and love at the base of the box is sure to be cherished by your best friend. The Willow Tree Friendship Sculpted Keepsake Box comes in a gift box with a custom fit, making it perfect for giving.

Vetbuso Friendship Lamp

The Vetbuso Friendship Lamp is a perfect example of a sentimental present that won’t break the bank. This LED night light is shaped like a heart and features beautiful lettering that says,  “Good friends are like stars you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.”

It’s a sweet and touching sentiment that will resonate with anyone moving away from their best friend. The lamp emits a warm white light, making it perfect for use in a bedroom or bathroom. 

It’s also USB-charged and has low power consumption, which benefits your wallet and the planet. And the acrylic construction of this lamp ensures that it will not break under normal use. So if you’re looking for best friend moving away gifts, the Vetbuso Friendship Lamp should be at the top of your list.

GSPY Scented Candles

GSPY Scented Candles make the perfect farewell present for best friends moving away. The “F*ck you for leaving me, I will miss you so much” message on the candle is a thoughtful way to say goodbye to your best friend. 

The natural soy wax used to create the scented soy candle burns slowly and is cleaner than paraffin candles, making it more eco-friendly. The lavender essential oil used to scent the candle is relaxing and ideal for use in any room of the house or workplace. 

With a burn time of 50 hours, this 9 oz cotton wick candle in a reusable glass jar will be a best friend moving away gift that your best friend can enjoy for a long time.

Pukka Organic Tea Bags

This set of 45 sachets of carefully crafted relaxation blends makes the ideal present. The gold foiled recyclable packaging with no waste is environmentally friendly and stylish. Including Chamomile Vanilla & Manuka Honey, Tulsi Clarity, Love, Relax, and Night Time herbal teas, this Relax Selection Box is the best way to sample the various flavors of herbal teas. 

The expert combination by experienced herbalists and nutritionists using only the finest ingredients is sure to please even the most discerning tea drinker. You can feel good about giving this present to someone because it was made with organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced ingredients and wrapped in FCS card packaging.

Bye Quitter Tumbler

This Bye Quitter Tumbler will surely be a hit with any best friend on the go. The double-wall seamless insulation and high-quality 18/8 stainless steel construction mean their beverage will stay hot or cold for hours. 

And the clear, BPA-free lid means they can easily see how much drink is left. Plus, the cute engraving is a nice touch. But the best part of this tumbler is the extras: the straw cleaner and the stainless steel straw with the silicon tip. 

These added extras make it clear that you care about your best friend’s well-being, even when they’re miles away. So if you’re looking for a functional and stylish best friend moving away gift, this tumbler is a great option.

ASELFAD Compass Necklace

The inner compass disc of the necklace is flexible and can be spun, engraved with the words “A True Friendship is a Journey Without an End” on the back. The lobster clasp and box chains are 18 inches plus an additional 2 inches, making the necklace adjustable to fit most people. 

Featuring a two-tone design and crafted from high-quality alloy and 14k gold plating, both of which are recyclable, this compass necklace is safe for wear, posing no risk of adverse health effects such as greening, red skin, or itchy rash.

Presented in a classy gift box, with a beautiful jewelry message card on which you can also write your message, this necklace makes a great going-away present for best friends.

VSITOO S3 Pro Smart Mug

The VSITOO S3 Pro Smart Mug is also a perfect gift for your best friend who is moving away. A single charge is enough to keep coffee hot for 4-8 hours, thanks to its two heat settings and precise temperature control.

The charging coaster means your friend can enjoy a hot coffee all day. When the drink is heated to its desired temperature, the LED temperature light bar will illuminate, and the touch button will display the remaining battery life. This smart mug is a must-have for any coffee lover, and your friend will surely appreciate it.

ButterTree Best Friend Blanket

ButterTree Best Friend Blanket is the perfect way to show your best friend how much you care. This blanket is made of breathable, lightweight microfleece that is soft to the touch and long-lasting. 

The material is subjected to rigorous quality checks and can be washed in the machine. The blanket is also longer than most, making it perfect for tall people or wrapping up on cold nights. 

The bright, long-lasting colors are achieved using sublimation, which allows the dye to be fully absorbed into the fabric’s fibers. This high-definition printing process ensures that the design will not fade or wash away over time. So this blanket is a cherished gift if your best friend is moving away or just needs a little extra warmth.

Bobauna Puzzle Keychain

This keychain is the perfect way to show your best friend how much you care and appreciate them. The keychain is made of nickel and lead-free stainless steel and is hypoallergenic. The diameter of the key chain is 3cm (1.18″), and the size of the puzzle piece charm is 4cm (1.57″) by 2.8cm (1.10″). 

The two- or three-piece “no matter” puzzle keychain set will be packaged nicely and ready for gift-giving upon arrival. So, show your best friend how much you care with the bobauna Puzzle Keychain.

Primitives Dish Towel

This Primitives Dish Towel is the perfect way to let your best friend know that you’ll always be there for them. Measuring 28 inches square, this high-quality cotton dish towel features a screen-printed saying that’s as bold as it is funny. 

It has the quote “Good Friends Are Like Stars – You Don’t Always See Them, But You Know They Are Always There.” written on it. It’s a humorous, sarcastic, or touching expression of affection that will let your best friend know that you’ll always be there for them – no matter what. So don’t let distance get in the way of your friendship – pick up this Primitives Dish Towel today.

Mkono Hanging Photo Display

The Mkono Hanging Photo Display is a beautiful way to display your treasured photographs or art prints. It adds a warm and welcoming vibe to your home as a wall decoration. This macrame print artwork display allows you to easily update your wall art and furnishings by swapping out pictures and switching out the wooden clips that hold them in place. 

Cotton cord, a wooden dowel, and 25 detachable wooden clips are used to display photographs. Indoor decorations that are beautiful, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. The Mkono Hanging Photo Display makes a perfect gift for a friend who is moving away, as they can display their favorite memories on the wall with these gifts.


What Is The Best Farewell Gift For A Friend?

A photo album or scrapbook filled with memories of your time together is an excellent option. A homemade card or picture display is also sure to be appreciated. If you’re looking for something more practical, a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store is always a welcome present.

Do You Give A Gift For A Going-Away Party?

When a colleague or friend leaves their job, throwing them a going-away party is common. An expensive gift is unnecessary – a heartfelt card or homemade baked goods can be just as meaningful.

What To Do For A Friend Who Is Leaving?

Plan a special activity to do together on their last day. Exchange personal items that will help you stay connected even when you’re apart. Be sure to keep in touch after they leave by exchanging contact information and staying in touch via email, social media, or Skype.

How Do I Say Goodbye To A Friend Moving Away?

Saying goodbye to a friend who is moving away can be difficult, but there are several things you can do to make the process easier. Keep in touch by exchanging email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel lonely or miss your friend.

What Do You Write In A Goodbye Card To Your Best Friend?

You might want to focus on the positive and express your confidence in their ability to succeed. You could include a memory of a happy moment or a quote that reminds you of your friend. Make sure it comes from the heart – your friend is sure to appreciate it.


While it is never easy to say goodbye to a best friend, it is essential to remember that even though they may be moving away, the friendship can still be maintained. There are many ways to keep in touch, such as through social media, text messaging, video chats, and even good old-fashioned letters. 

If possible, try to visit each other at least once a year to keep the friendship alive. It is also a nice gesture to give a going away present to your best friend to show them how much you care. A few thoughtful gift ideas include a hanging photo display or scrapbook of all the memories you have shared, a smart mug or keychain, or even tickets to a show or concert in their new city so you can have something to look forward to when you finally reunite. 

Though it may be hard to see your best friend go, by staying in touch and showing them how much you care, the friendship can continue to thrive no matter the distance.

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