20 Best Pet Halloween Costume Gifts for a Howling Good Time

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Each year, pet owners go above and beyond to ensure their furry friends are included in the Halloween festivities. While some pets may not be thrilled about getting dressed up, others take great pride in their costume. 

Your pet may not be able to tell you what they want to be for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the holiday just as much as you do. Dressing up your pet in a cute or humorous costume is a great way to get involved in all the Halloween festivities.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of 20 great pet Halloween costume gift ideas that will turn your wheels. From classics like ghosts and witches to trendy characters like unicorns and llamas, there’s something for every pet.

Reviews of the Best Pet Halloween Costume Gift

Kawasalle Deadly Doll Dog Costume

Chucky is one of the most iconic horror movie characters of all time. Bring the horror to your Halloween with this Chucky Costume. This costume is comfortable to wear, made of high-quality materials, and is sure to make your pet stand out. The ropes on the back are adjustable so that you can ensure a comfortable fit for your furry friend.

Mogoko Pet Shark Costumes

As the weather gets cooler and Halloween approaches, these costumes are the perfect way to keep your pet warm and stylish. Whether taking your dog for a walk or heading to a Halloween party, these costumes will turn heads.

It is made of cozy velvet and microfiber, easy to put on and take off, and comes in various sizes to fit any pet. With cute details like a shark jaw hat, your pet is sure to be the life of the party.

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

Transform your pup into the king of the jungle with this realistic lion mane from Tomsenn. This high-quality polyester wig is easy to clean and durable, making it perfect for Halloween costumes, dog shows, and cosplay parties. It’s also a great Halloween gift for your beloved pet.

California UPS Dog Costume

Make your furry friend the center of attention this Halloween with this costume. This costume will surely be howling success with its polyester fabric, fiberfill, and polyurethane foam construction. The shirt has sleeves for your dog’s front legs and fastens around the neck with Velcro.

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Look! A funny knight with a rein in his hand who rides on the dog is coming to us; that’s the funny reaction you will get when you wear this cowboy rider costume for your dog. It is made of breathable, soft, skin-friendly cotton and polyester fiber, ensuring a more cozy and snug dog. 

Rubie’s Wonder Woman Pet Costume

Save the day this Halloween with this wonder woman costume! This costume features a Wonder Woman headpiece, a red dress with the Wonder Woman symbol, a blue skirt with a gold belt, and white stars. Your furry friend will surely be the hit of any Halloween party in this heroic outfit.

Puoyis Pet Bat Costume

Bats are one of the most famous symbols of Halloween, so what could be more unique for your pet than a bat costume? This costume is made of black felt cloth and is lightweight and adjustable so that it will fit most cats.

It also comes with a pair of wings that will make your cat look even more adorable. The best part about this costume is that it will win your cat many admirers and increase the festive atmosphere.

Malier Furry Spider Pets Costume

People will double-take when they see your pet in this furry spider costume! This costume has eight realistic and vivid furry legs that transform your cat or puppy into a giant black spider. The breathable and lightweight material will make your pet comfortable while wearing it, and it is perfect for Halloween or any other festive occasion.

Mikayoo Cowboy Costume

To you, it’s just a cute little costume for your beloved pet. But to your dog or cat, it’s an empowering outfit that lets them strut their stuff and show the world who they are: a Mikayoo Cowboy. This fantastic costume comes with a shirt, pants, and bandana, so your pet will be ready to turn up for some fun come Halloween.

Coomour Wizard Costume

Hogwarts is in session! This wizard costume will transform your pet into the most esteemed wizard. Whether your four-legged friend is looking to cast spells or simply show off their magical side, this outfit will do the trick! Complete with a robe, tie, and iconic glasses.

Coppthinktu Toy Story Pet Costume

The town won’t be big enough for two Woodys, so be sure to lasso this Disney Toy Story Woody Pet Costume as soon as possible! The yellow shirt and attached black and white faux cow-hide vest pair perfectly with Woody’s red scarf and brown cowboy hat. This Woody costume will show your love for your best friend and remind others to ‘move along little doggy!’

Spooktacular Police Dog Costume

Whether your pup is patrolling the neighborhood or just sitting pretty for some Trick-or-Treating, this arresting and adorable costume is sure to make a pawsitive impression! 

This costume comes with a shirt, hat, and badge so your pup can become the best-dressed police dog on the block. The easy-to-wear design means that even the most unruly of pups can get in on the fun, and the high-quality materials are built to last through many Halloween adventures.

Cyeollo Dinosaur Pet Costume

A dinosaur-themed costume is always a win for Halloween! If your pet is on the smaller side, this Cyeollo costume will be perfect. It’s easy to put on and take off and will keep your furry friend warm during the cooler autumn nights. Plus, it’s machine washable in case of any accidents. Your pet will love being the center of attention in this costume.

Byhoo Vampire Cat Costume

Dracula would be jealous of how good your cat looks in this vampire costume! This fantastic costume comes with a bowler hat and cloak, perfect for any Halloween night event.

Your cat will love how cool they look in this outfit, and you’ll love how easy it is to put on and take off. Made from lightweight materials, this costume is comfortable for your cat to wear and easy for you to carry around.

USPS Dog Mail Carrier Costume

Forget the milkman or paperboy- this Halloween, your dog can be the one delivering the goods! This mail carrier costume is the perfect way to turn your furry friend into a loyal mail carrier. This costume comes with a cardboard box for them to carry and even has stuffed arms to make it look like they’re delivering the mail.

Idepet Pets Pirate Costume

Your pet will be ready to sail the seven seas in this pirate costume. Made of polyester and non-woven fabric, it’s soft and breathable, and the excellent pirate costume design will get some laughs.

It’s perfect for everyday wear, parties, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, parades, or photo shoots. It’s machine-washable, which makes it easy to keep clean. So let your pet set sail for some fun in this pirate costume.

Verceco Stranger Halloween Pet Costume

Create a mysterious yet adorable look for your pet this Halloween with the stranger Halloween costume. This costume features a red hoodie with an open-mouth design, so your pet’s teeth and muscles will be visible, creepy, and cute! The outfit is also easy to wear and carry, making it perfect for kids, toddlers, small and large dogs, cats, and other pets.

YOUDirect Dog Guitar Costume

For the music lover, this pup-turned-guitar player costume is the perfect way to let their dog show their personality. This witty costume is sure to get a few laughs and is functional – meaning your dog can wear it together while you play music. Whether you have a rock star in the making or just a pup who loves to howl along to the tunes, this costume will surely be a hit.

Onmygogo Pet Costumes

Show time! Use these costumes to turn your pet into a moose, sheep, lion, or animal. They are easy to put on and fit all-sized dogs perfectly. Made of eco-friendly materials, they are also easy to wash and care for. Your pet will be the talk of any party with these fun costumes!

iChoue Halloween Dog Costumes

A great Halloween costume for your furry baby! This super cute and unique costume is perfect for parties and daily wear. Made of 100% baby-soft cotton, it is super soft, breathable, and warm for winter. It is also machine washable for easy care.

FAQs for Best Pet Halloween Costume Gift

What Should I Dress My Dog for Halloween?

Your dog’s Halloween costume should be based on its personality and what they enjoy. If your dog loves to play fetch, you could dress them up as a ballerina or Superman. If they love cuddling, they could be a teddy bear or Ewok.

What Is the Most Popular Halloween Costume for Pets?

The most popular pet Halloween costume is the pumpkin-themed one. Other popular costumes include hot dogs, bumblebees, and dinosaurs.

Do Dogs Like Halloween Costumes?

Some dogs love wearing costumes and happily strut their stuff in front of an audience. Other dogs find the whole experience confusing and stressful. If your dog falls into the latter category, it’s best to simply enjoy Halloween from the comfort of home without forcing them to wear a costume.

Should People Dress Their Pets in Clothes?

It depends upon the person’s preference. Some people think it is adorable to dress their pets in clothes, while others believe it is unnecessary and even cruel.

Is Dressing Your Dog Cruel?

No, dressing your dog in a Halloween costume is not cruel. Many dogs enjoy wearing costumes and being part of the Halloween festivities. If your dog does not seem to enjoy wearing a costume, then it is probably best not to force them to wear one.

Final Thoughts

Pets are a big part of our lives, and we want to ensure they have the best Halloween ever! Think about what your pet likes to do and use that as inspiration for their costume. Or better still, you may choose our top pick: a cute and clever take on the classic deadly doll costume

Or go for something unique like a hot dog, avocado, or even a unicorn. No matter what you choose, your pet will surely be the Halloween party’s hit.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even enjoy it too. After all, dressing up is always more fun with a friend. So put on your best costume and get ready to have a howling good time with your furry friend this Halloween!

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