How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook

how to change facebook birthday

Have you ever felt embarrassed when “friends” wish you a happy birthday on Facebook only to realize they have the wrong date? Or maybe you want to keep your age a secret and want to change it on all your social media platforms.

Whatever the reason, updating your birthday on Facebook is simple and can be done in just a few clicks. Follow these steps to stay current on Facebook and accurately display your birthday on Android, iPhone, and laptop:

Quick Answer

Head to your Facebook profile, click “About,” and scroll down until you see the “Contact and Basic Info” section. Click the edit button next to your birthday and change it to your preferred date. Keep reading!

Why You May Want to Change Your Birthday on Facebook

First, let’s face it: we’ve all lied about our age at some point in our lives. Maybe you shaved a couple of years off to seem younger. Or maybe you added a few years because you were tired of people thinking you were too young to drink or rent a car.

But now, with the ever-increasing concern over online privacy, changing your birthday on Facebook may be a wise move. This small change can prevent identity thieves from accessing important information about you.

Plus, let’s say you accidentally entered the wrong date of birth when setting up your Facebook profile. Changing it to reflect your actual age can prevent embarrassing mix-ups in the future, like sending you a Happy 21st Birthday message when you’re celebrating your 25th. Let’s not forget those who simply want to hide their age for personal reasons.

How to Change Your Birthday on Desktop or Mobile

Whether you’re using a laptop or mobile device, the steps to change your birthday on Facebook are pretty much the same.

On PC or Laptop:

On the laptop, Login to Facebook ( with your login ID and password, head to your Facebook profile at the top-right corner, and click “About.

Scroll down until you see the “Contact and Basic Info” section.

Click the edit button next to your birthday and update it to the correct date.

Don’t forget to hit save!

On Android or iPhone

On the mobile version, open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone and head to your profile icon at the top-left corner.

Click on the “Edit Profile” button.

Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up menu and tap on the “Edit Your About Info” button.

Then scroll down to the “Basic Info” section.

Click the edit icon next to your birthday, which will lead to your birthday info, and update it to the correct date.

Hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page once you are done.

Remember, only you and your friends can see your birthday on your profile unless you choose to make it public in the privacy settings through the Privacy icon.

Facebook Birthday Rules

Facebook sets a few restrictions on changing birthdays to ensure users use their actual age on the platform. This helps prevent misuse, protects younger users from potential predators or inappropriate content, and is for security reasons.

There are three restrictions when it comes to Facebook birthdays, which are:

  • You can only change your birthday a couple of times (once every two weeks)
  • You can only change your birthday three times overall
  • If you change your birthday to an age younger than 13, you may be banned from the platform.

While these restrictions may be frustrating for some users, they are in place for the safety and security of all users on the platform.

Tips for Keeping Your Profile Updated

Tired of people saying they saw an outdated photo or piece of information on your Facebook profile? Here are some tips for keeping your profile up to date.

  • Regularly check and update your profile information, such as job title, current city, and contact information
  • Post recent photos that accurately portray what you currently look like
  • Review and adjust your privacy settings to control who can see certain information or posts on your profile
  • Think carefully before accepting friend requests from people you don’t know personally, as they may have access to the information you share on your profile
  • Keep personal details such as your birthdate hidden from public view, as this information can be used for identity theft or other security risks
  • Consider creating separate friend lists to share different levels of information with different groups of people (such as colleagues vs. close friends)
  • Take the time to regularly clean up your profile by deleting old posts or outdated information. This can also help improve the overall appearance and professionalism of your profile.


Changing your birthday on Facebook is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. By accessing the About section of your profile, clicking on the Contact and Basic Info tab, and editing by entering your new birthday, you have successfully updated this information for all of your friends and connections to see.

Remember to double-check the accuracy of your new birthday before saving your changes. Also, remember to keep your personal information secure by regularly reviewing and updating your privacy settings.

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